Dominic Dale

I'm a 22 year-old modern apprentice working for NES in Glasgow. I've had a keen interest in website design & development for several years, concentrating my efforts on making beautiful user interfaces ...

recent work

Here's a collection of my latest work, spanning from web to app design. If you'd like to learn more, please get in touch.

tic website design

A landing page for an app ross mcmillan and I are developing. My goal was to present the app's features with a clean design and bold colours, giving the user information about the app and highlighting areas to register. This project is a work in progress.

Music player concept

A music player concept for Android, drawing influences from iOS7 and windows phone. I kept the interface minimal, pulling images related to the music and focusing on simple, easy to use controls.

tic - money management

tic is a collaboration between ross mcmillan and I, aimed to provide an easy way to manage money between friends and family. This project is a work in progress.

chat application

A desktop chat application concept. It features a minimalistic approach to messaging, stripping away unnecessary features and focusing on the chat.

mental health foundation

A website which I designed as part of a job application for my current post within NES. I built the site with a responsive layout to allow better viewing on mobile devices, and a clean design to highlight important content.


hello, my name is dom

I'm passionate about design, music, and guitars. I love working with Photoshop & Sketch, and tranlating designs into usable websites with my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and front-end frameworks. If you'd like to work with me on a project, please get in touch.